The Marshmallow and Bluebird Trail

I didn’t take many pictures of our hike today because I was too busy bribing the kids with marshmallows.  Two ‘mallows for every ten minutes of hiking without complaint.  But only on the way in.  I figured they’d be motivated enough to hike the heck out.  And they were.

Actually, I did spend a few minutes madly snapping photos trying to catch a flock of Eastern Bluebirds.  They were so beautiful, so many, and so elusive to my camera.  I felt like we were walking in a fairy tale movie – they kept fluttering just ahead of us.  I finally gave up trying to photograph them and simply enjoyed the moment.

We hiked a little over two miles in and the same out.  That’s quite a lot for slow, old, and fluffy.  Our pace was faster than usual.  We only added ten minutes to our time but we added almost a mile to our distance.

Then I was useless the rest of the day.  Tired, hungry, and I couldn’t get warm even with two comforters and a hot water bottle.  It wasn’t even uncomfortably cold outside so I don’t know why it hit me like that.  But I ate a delicious, hearty dinner a little while ago and I feel much better.  Maybe I needed more calories.


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