I Hate the Movie Babe

I like animals.  And I like them for their innate animalness.  I like the catness of cats, the dogness of dogs, the sheepness of sheep, and the tastiness of pigs.

Why should an animal be vilified for being itself, for acting according to its nature? Why should its behaviors be attributed to malice rather than the fact that it is an animal?  Cats are not sneaky or evil – they’re cats.

Anthropomorphizing animals should be done carefully to bring out the characteristics of the animals (or for the sake of satire), not to make them screens onto which ridiculous human sentiments are projected.

If animals are just like people, then they are less lovable, not more and need less care, not more.

Finally, for me, animals are also food.  It IS a little sad to have to take a life for the sake of nutrition, but that IS the way it is right now.  I respect dissenting opinions on both sides of this statement, but I don’t want to debate it.  If you’ve informed and  examined your conscience, and you’re not trying to boss me around or manipulate me with talking animals, that’s good enough for me.

Cruelty is deplorable and I believe in limiting suffering  as much as possible – I moved to the country in part to have greater control over where my food comes from.  I slaughter and process my own meat chickens even though it is distasteful, in part so I don’t forget, and so I know that the animals lived as normal and healthy a life as possible before they were killed to feed me and my family, and because – what right do I have to ask someone else to do my dirty work?  I try to have the courage of my convictions.    And Babe tried to undermine that.



12 thoughts on “I Hate the Movie Babe

  1. anitvan says:

    I made turkey dinner this past weekend and Mearrik was watching me prepare the bird and he wanted to know if I got the turkey from the farm or from the grocery store. He was quite relieved that it came from the store. Apparently, the thought of eating a turkey that once ran around on the farm is distasteful. Lol. I didn’t have the heart to tell him.

  2. Julie says:

    Growing up in a family of hunters, we had an immediate connection to our meat! And we don’t feel any guilt about it – Gen. 9:3, right? (The fruits and vegetables were more abstract, as my mom was NOT a gardener. I mean, they come from a can, right? ;D) But the whole Babe thing… why is it morally okay, in that worldview, to eat a duck for Christmas dinner, but not a pig?

    And bacon is so goooooood!

    • Sara McDaren says:

      I think it’s great you always knew where your food came from. You know I admire that self-sufficiency. 🙂 We really love our hunting friends – for themselves and because they help feed us.

      We accept our food with thankfulness. I tend to go to Romans 14 about this stuff when it comes up with other Christians.

      But I don’t forget that we live in a fallen world and I hope and wait for Isaiah 11:6-9. I’m pretty sure that when the perfect comes, there will be no death, not even death for food. It’s just my uneducated, unguided laymen’s study, but I don’t think there was meat-eating before the flood. I’ve read it over and over again and it just seems that way. Of course, it could be simply that before the flood the bible is silent about whether or not flesh is permissible food and not that it was forbidden.

      And I echo back: bacon is so goooooood!

  3. Julie says:

    Yah, I think people only ate meat AFTER the flood, and you’re absolutely right (Rom 14) about it not being something to make an issue out of 😀

    We have had many discussions about the know death/dying in heaven and the possibility of that seven year feast… with no meat. *sigh* I can only assume there will be food so much better that we’ll look back on our earthly food and wonder how we could have found it so delicious ;D

  4. Wayne says:

    Oh no – I love the movie Babe! It’s in my top 5 – I did not take it as anti-meat just like I don’t take Bambi as anti-hunt or The Lion King as anti-safari —I just thought it was a well crafted film about being a misfit and triumphing anyway. It really gets to me.

    • Sara McDaren says:

      That’s how I remembered it too until I watched it again recently. There’s nothing true or just about this movie – it isn’t fair to the animals or to the humans.

      But top 5, really? C’mon! You ever read High Fidelity by Nick Hornby? (or seen the movie with John Cusack?)

      We can still be friends, but you’ll have to get your own island. 🙂

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