Signs of Spring

There’s a little red squirrel living in the stone wall outside my kitchen windows.  I love him.  Yes, I got a peek and I’m pretty sure it’s a him. He gathers grass in great handfuls and stuffs it double fisted deep into his mouth and then disappears into  a crack in the wall only to pop out again a few seconds later.  He takes frequent breaks to peel old walnuts and to peer at me through the window.  I wouldn’t say he feels for me as I feel for him but so far he tolerates me.  It will be interesting to see if he attracts a mate or gets eaten by the barn cats first.  Well, I’m glad he’s here for now.

I can watch him from my new favorite place in the cushy chair I moved into the kitchen.  I put it together with the  afghan crocheted by my grandmother and my fuzzy red pajamas with the snowmen on them for full cozy effect.  Yes, we’ve been having springtime temperatures the past few days, but my kitchen still thinks it’s winter.

Yesterday was sunny and in the low seventies (F) and the kids picnicked at the creek, but there was still ice on the pond and snow on the lawn.  No wonder I feel conflicted.  The daffodils are poking up a good month early and my husband is building raised bed boxes , but I have no desire to play in the dirt.  I’d rather mend the holes in the boys’ jeans and knit socks.





3 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. Julie says:

    Mid-seventies and still snow on the ground is bound to be confusing. I’m still in a cozy mood, too! No hurry to get out and play in the dirt ;D

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