Pajama Day

It’s a little grey today.  Which is fine.  It matches my mood.  We’ve got between five and ten weeks of school left, depending on the kid, and I’m feeling even more all over the place than usual.  I want to be outside, inside, crafting, cleaning, reading, gardening, cooking, organizing, and I want to be doing it all right now at the same moment.  So, a little grumpy weather boxes my options  and gives me some focus

Bedtime came early for me last night and I left the kitchen a mess even though I had offered to do after dinner clean up without assistance.  And now it is staring me in the face.   It would take me a half hour on a good day.  Today is not that day.  But at least I know where to start.  Hello, dishes!

Eh, I’ve got an easy life.

The sacrifices I’ve been called upon to make have been small ones – the barely mentionable variety.  I eat the broken cookie, sit in the wobbly chair, skip the last scoop of ice cream, I shave my legs and take the kids swimming when I’d rather stay home and read.

For  years, I’ve been denying myself good coffee because I just couldn’t justify the expense.  I love good coffee.  My favorite brand is Peet’s.  But Folger’s was good enough for my grandparents so…  *sigh*  But my husband went and bought decent coffee for me this week.  And he bought a bag of cheap stuff for himself.  Because husbands make sacrifices too.  I don’t know how to insert a heart icon here, but you get what I’m feeling, right?

Anyway, it feels like it might be a pajama day.  As cosy as those can be, I’m grateful that they have been so infrequent this year.  I’m pretty sure it means I’m feeling quite a bit better, emotionally.  Exercise really is good medicine.  Huh.  I think I just talked myself into putting on clothes and going for a walk.  Maybe.

Or maybe I’ll just work on this stupid sock.  It’s the mate to the one I finished three months ago.  I will not succumb to one sock syndrome.  Something happened when I started on this second sock – my purls got all awkward.  I’m still not sure why, but they’re just now settling down.  The sad part is that I’ve been denying myself access to other, more tempting crafts, because this one isn’t finished.

It’s almost school time here.  My middle child is struggling to learn to read.  He’s decoding, but it’s difficult and not fluent.  He WANTS to read and he works at it.  He asks, “Do you think I’ll be able to read [insert big chapter book] by the end of the year?”  I hope so, Baby.  So, we went to the bookstore and got him a few easy readers that appeal to him.  Star Wars, of course.


10 thoughts on “Pajama Day

  1. Pistachios says:

    This is why I’ve only ever knitted scarves – they’re just one thing. And also I never learnt to knit more elaborate things like socks.

    I’m someone who’s never been bothered by sitting in a wobbly chair. Part of me understands why it’s annoying, but part of me also doesn’t quite get it.

    • Sara McDaren says:

      I have been knitting badly for about 15 years and have only just begun to learn to do more complicated items. It turns out, I kind of like the challenge.

      I think sometimes wobbly chairs are probably more annoying to those not sitting in them – thump, thump, thump-thump-thump, thump-thump. So, maybe that’s not a sacrifice so much as a sanity preserving measure. 🙂

  2. Blair (The Shameful Sheep) says:

    Hmm, our moods seem to match today. I hope you enjoy your pajama day. I did say “AWW” when you said your husband bought you good coffee and some crappier one for himself. So sweet. lol. It’s the little things, eh?

  3. Julie says:

    Oh, sister. I have days like this. (weeks…)

    And I sympathize with your struggling reader. I had one, too. A friend gave me the best advice/encouragement ever. She said,
    Keep reading and books FUN – no pressure.
    Don’t let him be criticized by others.
    Let him read “easy” books for as long as he needs/wants.
    Buy or borrow from the library lots of books about his interests.
    Read to him for as long as he’ll let you.
    Just keep exposing him to it.

    At some point, something “clicked” with my struggling reader. In less than a school year, he not only caught up, he shot ahead. Went from reading at a first grade level to – I don’t remember exactly – but reading fluently. Now he’s my best reader.

    Hang in there, and encourage him 😀

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