Enjoying Today

Bright yellow light is filtering through green leaves. I’m feeling all the promise of an unspoiled day.

The house will stay messy today because we are going out right after school. We’ll go look at the falls and climb some stairs and take deep fresh breaths and exert our muscles and use all these gifts that we take for granted too often.

Then tonight we’ll stay up too late waiting for the last light to leave the sky while we collect lightning bugs and poke the little flame in our ring of creek stones which doesn’t really approach the magnificence of a bonfire but which we give that name anyway. We’ll come home filthy and tired, covered in charcoal and bug bites, grateful for a shower and bed.

What a luxurious life! Hot coffee, slow starting, warm air, interesting children, books to read, clean sheets, comfy chair, creative projects, long walks. My favorite things. What are yours?


6 thoughts on “Enjoying Today

  1. Dawn says:

    I’m not prepared to tell you my favorite things – they would sound much like yours – but I’m reminded of my dad talking about when they first moved and all the new wonders they were enjoying – deer, bunnies, ground hog capers, sunrises and coffee and dew….and how he told me to never take those things for granted, never get ‘used to’ them, never become bored with these lovely things. And I haven’t.

  2. anitvan says:

    Ahh, life is good…bright sun, blue sky, gentle breeze, these are gifts. On days like this I can’t get enough of doing nothing but basking in them

  3. Julie says:

    Sounds like a perfectly lovely day! My favorite summer day is taking a picnic lunch to my parents’ beach, on a lake 😀 Beautiful setting, time with family, floating in clean water, picking blackberries and eating them warm from the sun… August.

  4. Sue_Bee says:

    That sounds so nice! Summer is the sweetest season. I love staying out late, watching the stars come out and listening to the crickets.

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