Less Talk, More Action

I think I sprained my uvula.  I was sipping coffee vigorously and I think I twisted the little guy.  You know how it is.

And that’s the most blog-worthy thing that’s going on these days.

The local pool will be closed for the season as of Tuesday so we went on Saturday though we generally avoid the weekend crowds AND even though the temperature was only in the low 70s F.  It has been a wonderful summer being dunked by my little boys.  Shhh – don’t tell them I’ve been taking a dive.

Wearing a swimsuit in public has gotten easier with exposure (HA!) and with the deep dark sun damage my skin has experienced.  It also gets easier with every pound I lose, which means I’m a lot vainer than I really wanted to admit.  It’s also easier to shave when the belly’s not getting in the way of bending.

So, yes, I’ve been keeping up with my fitness goals.  I’ve finished couch to 5k and am working on my speed and endurance; I think I can do a full lap at the pool, though I’m waiting to test that at the YMCA this fall; and I’m on track to hit a healthy BMI some time in the next five months.  I’ve also added some other goals because apparently when there is a formula to follow, I can do almost anything.

It turns out that if I really want to accomplish something I need to refrain from talking about it too much.  Less talk, more action.  So, that’s why  I haven’t been blogging much about it.  Well, that, and the fact that while losing weight and feeling strong is exciting to experience, it’s pretty boring reading about the minutia involved with getting there.

But OK, since you asked, I’ve lost about forty pounds since January and I have about thirty to go.  I’ve done it by eating fewer calories than I am burning.


6 thoughts on “Less Talk, More Action

  1. Pistachios says:

    It’s kinda funny how, at the start of the post, you tell us that spraining your uvula is the most blog-worthy thing that’s happened to you lately …but then there’s all the progress with your fitness/weight loss goals. Sounds like quite a lot has been going on, and your uvula is the least of it! Kudos!

  2. Julie says:

    OH MY GOODNESS! CONGRATS AND ADMIRATION from out here in Washington!

    And I’m totally with you about the doing of it being awesome and impressive, but the talking about it being sometimes tedious. I’m just at the beginning of the journey, so I have nothing inspiring to offer but send awe and encouragement to stay the course 😀

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