Creative Boxes in Bed

When I was  a very little girl being raised by a single mom in an apartment in which it was forbidden to run or jump, and outside play for a small child was difficult to manage,  I would sometimes set up the I’m bored whine.  And my mother would rattle off a list of things I could do.  Why don’t you play with your dolls?  Make a tent.  Get out your Lite Brite.  Go see what’s in your creative box.

a current creative box with some squished dust bunnies

a current creative box with some squished dust bunnies

Under my bed there was a square plastic bin that had been part of  a diaper changing table which was kept full of construction paper and crayons, small containers of paste, odds and ends that mom could spare.  I’d pull it into a corner of my room or up onto the bed and I’d be lost in my own world.

The things I made didn’t often resemble the pictures in my imagination.  In fact, I often didn’t even know what I was imagining until it took physical form.

some quilt blocks I'm working on

some quilt blocks I’m working on

I live in a pretty big house now and I could have a dedicated craft room if I wanted it, but I’d never use it.  And sure, I can sew from a pattern; it’s a useful skill.  But I enjoy and take great comfort from getting into my freshly made bed and surrounding myself with odds and ends that can be spared for my crafting.

one way to

one way to “hide” craft supplies is to put them on display

Today there are several creative boxes tucked under my bed and in various other hidey spots around my bedroom.  They’re full of sewing things and embroidery, paper crafts, crochet and knitting, drawing items, writing ideas.  I’m typing this from my bed right now and I had very little idea what I was going to be writing before I began.

So, is there anyone else out there who crafts from a favorite cozy place, bed or otherwise?


6 thoughts on “Creative Boxes in Bed

  1. Julie says:

    Yay, you!

    Actually, I’m the opposite… i DO have a craft room / office for my projects. It IS a cozy place, though 😀 I picked a butter-yellow southwest-facing room, so it gets light all day… very cheery to me.

    But I do keep a little knitting bag in the living room, but a chair next to the window 😀

    Glad you’ve got a happy place to create!


  2. learninglife203 says:

    I craft and do all sorts of things! I am doing a crochet project right now, later I plan to knit some place mats and dish towels. I am also sewing curtains. I love to make things! I save all sorts of odds and ends too. Buttons, little scraps of ribbon and things like that.

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