Becoming Physically Fit

A little over a year ago, I was unhappy.  I was tired and feeling helpless to improve anything.  I couldn’t see any way to make things better.  The weather was dark and cold and so was my outlook on life.  I was spending unhealthy amounts of time doodling around the Internet and typing in desperate questions; like shouting into the ether, praying into the web.

I came across the idea of a mind map and by making my own, I discovered that there were actions I could take to get me to a better place.  There were things on that map that I couldn’t immediately change, but there was one thing I could begin to work on right away:  physical fitness.

I realized that:

  • I don’t want to be prematurely old.  I don’t want to accept certain aches and pains as the inevitable result of aging when a bit of exercise could prevent them.
  • I don’t want to have to sit on the sidelines when there’s something fun to do.  I don’t want to be disabled by my own fatness.
  • I don’t want to be in pain.
  • I want to climb hills and fill my lungs with fresh air and feel good.
  • I want to be able to wipe my own butt for as long as possible.
  • I don’t want to be invisible.
  • I want to exercise control over my life rather than letting life just happen.  I want to make choices instead of having choices made for me.

Since then, I’ve been concentrating on my health and fitness – weight loss, specifically, but also building/preserving muscle.  Fitness has become a hobby, and a bit of a passion.  And somehow, in spite of my many other obligations and interests, my life has made room for this important area of focus.

I didn’t talk or write much about this for a while because there was a distinct possibility I’d be all talk and no action, so to maximize my likelihood of success, I kept mostly mum.

But I’m getting pretty comfortable with these new habits now and I feel like I have some things to say about it.  I want to tell you about how I eat and how I exercise and how I feel about how I eat and how I exercise.  I want to tell you about my future plans and obstacles I’ve had to overcome.  And I want to tell you in a way so that you can see it all in the context of my everyday life.  AND I want to know how you feel about these things!  So, if I can stay interested in blogging, and if I can figure out the right words, I’ll be around a little more often I think.


part 3, part 2


8 thoughts on “Becoming Physically Fit

  1. learninglife203 says:

    Holy… effing… SMOKES! I mean, I knew you had lost a bit from your other photos but this comparison really shows so much! Look at your accomplishment! Not only what you have done for yourself but what you have done for others. Whether you really realize it or not you have absolutely been an inspiration to me. And to others I am sure!

    I do hope you blog more on this , but also other things! You always give me some tidbit that makes me think a little harder and dig a little deeper.

    Your sense of humor pops up in the best places! “Still 5’6”! HAHA!! DYING!

    • Sara McDaren says:

      Aww shucks… (kicks the dirt). You know it’s a mutual thing, right?

      Yeah, fitness is fitting in with the rest of my life now and I hope my blog can reflect that. Crafting AND deadlifts! 🙂

    • Sara McDaren says:

      Thank you Dana! I think you’ll appreciate this – clothes look good on me again! I had gotten to a point where there was no scarf, no color, no accessory that could distract from my dark circles and round shape.

  2. anitvan says:

    So, yeah…as I suspected, I’ve put on some weight…more than I thought actually (isn’t that always the way) which immediately depressed and discouraged me because now instead of the 15 or so lbs I wanted to lose, I have to add 10 lbs to that. I’m right at that weight, that teetering point, you know, where if I don’t do something about it, the momentum of my current weight will hurtle me into obesity FAST.

    I know I have to make myself move more, I just can’t rely on working around the house and running after kids to do it any more. I think that might simply just be a function of menopause/aging – I don’t need as many calories as I once did and I haven’t been real quick to react to it. And like I said, I’m not about to give up any more food, not yet anyways 😀 so that only leaves one option…and truth be told, I’m not happy with my current fitness level either, keeping up with the kids is starting to get HARD and I’m not THAT old!

    Anywho, I got myself signed up with 8fit (because I hate the gym but I don’t mind working out at home) and I’m using their fitness program.

    So bug me a little about it, ‘kay?

    Little accountability never hurts.

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