Homeschoolers Get a Snow Day

Did you know that, in a pinch, diesel fuel can be used in place heating oil?  That’s what our oil man told us on the phone when we ran out in the middle of the so-called blizzard last night.  So, we’re warm now.

As homeschoolers we don’t get school cancellations for “snow days,” but we do get, “yay, it’s snowing! days.”  And that’s what we had yesterday.  My husband had the day off and he and the boys played cards and Battleship and the never-ending Monopoly.  There was a snow fort, and hot herbal tea, and a walk in the woods.


The birds were raucous:  swooping hawks, darting cardinals, hoarsely crying crows.  There was a flock of fine fat robins sitting together in some brush but they scattered as I approached…probably because I had this guy with me


Today we have some learning to make up and some messes to tidy, but it was worth it.


6 thoughts on “Homeschoolers Get a Snow Day

  1. learninglife203 says:

    Yay for snow! Here in Ga we have had such a nice spring all winter. It has done nothing but see-saw between 70° and 20°. Yesterday I got excited when we had a massive cloud cover and flurries. We never got any actual snowfall! BOOOOO!

    I bet y’all had a great time out in the snow! What kind do you get up there? Is it the heavy wet stuff or the light and fluffy kind?

    • Sara McDaren says:

      “we have had such a nice spring all winter.” 😀 love

      You sound like a snow connoisseur or an Eskimo. We get all kinds. This late in season, it’s usually kind of heavy.

      • learninglife203 says:

        I have lived in the Atlanta Ga area, Ft/ Collins Colorado, Pensacola Florida, Rock Hill South Carolina and then back to living in Ga again. I was surprised at the different snow out west. It was a nicer version I have to say!

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