Perfect Day

Have you ever played  the If I Win the Lottery game?  Variations include If Money Were No Object, If You Couldn’t Fail, What Do You Really Want To Do, No Regrets On Your Deathbed.

Perfect Day is my favorite iteration.  To play correctly, you must master some subtlety.  The danger is that you will only dream big and those dreams will stay out of reach, or you will dream too small and never realize the amazing possibilities.  You must know how to dream big and small.

I’ll put myself out there to show you what I mean.

Big Dream:

I am an artist, sought after for my one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted whatchamacallits.  I spend my early mornings alone in the studio with a wall of windows and the sunrise streaming in.  The coffee is hot and black.  Two perfect croissants, a small platter of cheese and fruit, and cold cucumber water magically appear without any effort from me.  It is quiet except for birdsong and breeze.  I work on creating something beautiful and useful. I review the orders for my creations, leave instructions for my assistant, who will arrive to process the orders after I have gone.

Midmorning is spent working vigorously at something outdoors in the company of like-minded friends – hiking strenuously or digging ditches or building houses for charity.

In the afternoon, I shower, read, and write.

Evenings are for laughing and singing and music and food with family with twinkly lights and a warm atmosphere.

Small dream:

Looking it over, my big dream doesn’t really seem crazy.

How do I make it happen within the limits of my life as it is, within the confines of my responsibilities?

Without abdicating my role as queen of domestic the realm?

I believe my current role here is important.  Occasional escapist fantasies aside, I’m not really looking to run away and join the circus leaving my kids to forage for nuts and berries while I live a life only to satisfy me.  I know my calling – I’m just trying to figure out how to answer it a little better.

So, I’d need someone to take over cooking and cleaning and laundry and teaching.  That ought to clear up a few hours.  How could I make THAT happen?  I’m brainstorming here.

I could train the children to take over quite a few of the household chores.  Not in a slave labor way, but in a we’re all a part of this team and you must contribute more sort of way.  It’s not unreasonable that they should all be doing their own laundry from beginning to end on a regular basis.  It’s reasonable that summer could be a focussed training time to teach them proper K.P. duty.  And it doesn’t have to be unpleasant.  It could give them an encouraging feeling of autonomy and responsibility.  It’s probably what I should be doing anyway to help equip them for adulthood.

We have an out building on our property that is in terrible disrepair, but the sunrise does strike it in a lovely way and the windows are large… Maybe someday?

As for the rest of it… it seems like mostly time management and some strategic lighting, doesn’t it?

Do you see why I like this game?  It’s creative and inspiring and points out fixable flaws in our systems.  It’s telling me that there are things I can do to create a more satisfying (and productive) life for me and my family.

So, do you have any big and little dreams?  What’s your perfect day?



5 thoughts on “Perfect Day

  1. Pistachios says:

    I’ve definitely played those “win the lottery” games and all those variations, but probably not in this way, connecting the dreams to reality. I’m gonna have to have a think about this one! Thanks for providing the prompt/inspiration!
    Btw, your “big dream” sounds wonderful – particularly the croissant, coffee and cheese part; and the reading & writing in the afternoon 😀

    • Sara McDaren says:

      Pure dreaming can be fun too!

      And if you choose to play my way, the first part should probably be as close to pure dreaming as you can make it. Don’t try to be realistic – just let it go. There’s time to real it down in the second half.

  2. Julie Scott Garrett says:

    My “big dream” is stuck in a rut… I would love to continue as I am – a SAHM – even as the kids are nearly grown. My husband is self-employed and, allowing for deadlines with clients, he can tweak his schedule to suit us. Now that the kids are older, I should go to work, so we can pay off the house, but I’d rather stay home and care for everyone and putter away at projects. So my dream is to magically pay off the house while doing what I like and preserving our free-time-flexibility. Not sure how that works yet…

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