Still At It


I’ve been spending my summer finishing up a math curriculum with the boys, painting a porch and a bedroom, putting disposable foot socks (as if there’s any other kind) on peaches because apparently that’s what people do, but I want to let you know that, yes, I’m also still doing the fitness thing.  This will probably be my last explicit post about it because, apparently, I still can’t talk about something important to me without messing it up.  I must choose – discuss or do.  Not both.

Health has many components, but losing weight has everything to do with eating fewer calories than you take in.  There may be variations in how much an individual burns, and it’s all estimates anyway, but still.  So, you can increase your activity or decrease your food or both but that’s what has to happen.  You can do it by counting calories or by instituting some kind of rules that help you restrict.  I have lost the majority of my weight (about 60 pounds) by counting calories (and exercising) but am now experimenting with other methods because I’m burnt out on counting.  I’m playing around with drastically increasing vegetable/fiber consumption and limiting the number of hours per day that I allow myself to eat.  There’s nothing magical about these things except that they (might) help me to eat fewer calories.

For physical and mental health and because I want to look good naked, I also work out.  I lift weights.  I do CrossFit.  I walk, hike and run.  I do (banded) pull-ups and (raised) push-ups and kettle bell swings and thirty flights of stairs.  I don’t do all of these things all on one day and I didn’t start out doing all of them.  I get bored easily and I need to mix things up if I’m going to keep going.  When I start to slack off, I’ve learned that it’s not the beginning of the end of my resolve to be fit, but just time to do something else.  It means that I have to step out of my anti-social comfort zone and be willing to look like a doofus a lot, but it’s working for me and I’m getting used to looking like a doofus.

I have also increased my general activity.  Many of the things I’d put off or delegate, I’ve taken on as a matter of fitness.  It’s really incredible how many steps you can get putting away laundry, walking the dog, emptying the compost bin, mopping the floor.  On Saturday I did about six miles just pushing a reel mower around in circles on the lawn.

Anyway, I’d like to lose another ten to twenty pounds, but if I find that too difficult to be worth the effort, I’m pretty happy with how I look now and will be glad to maintain my current weight and focus on fitness goals for the future.

So that’s it:  eat less, move more.   🙂


15 thoughts on “Still At It

  1. Pistachios says:

    Six miles?? How big is your lawn?
    I heard there was some research recently (sorry, can’t remember from where) that found that a vegetarian diet is best for weight loss, so your increased-vegetable-consumption plan might just pay off! I don’t think I could ever do calorie counting – it sounds exhausting!
    Good luck on your health and fitness goals!

    • Sara McDaren says:

      Thank you! I am terrible at estimating size and distance but I might guess it’s about a quarter acre? My husband does the rest of the property with a riding mower.

      ETA: Remember I was just walking around and around – reminds me of Hengist and Horsa story about cutting a piece of leather to go around the piece of land they demanded from Britain.

      I think the fiber just makes me feel fuller and helps me not to overeat. And yes, counting calories got to be a bit much – but if it had to be that or staying obese, I choose counting.

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