A Homemaking Schedule

Is there a job that compares with homemaking in flexibility and creative control?  It mightn’t pay much, but at least I get to make my own schedule.

I have tried a few systems  of  scheduling tasks over the years.  Flylady, Motivated Moms, Pomodoro Technique, Getting Things Done, Organize Tomorrow Today.  I like them all.  When I’m having trouble getting my shit together and find myself half-assing the work set before me, I know it’s time to switch things up.  (Just like when I get bored with my workout routine.)

Recently, I think I was inspired by The Hidden Art of Homemaking.  There’s no reason why mundane lists have to be merely utilitarian, right?


The benefit of this scattered list, with or without colored pencils, is that it isn’t in a straight line.  Straight lines frustrate me because I feel as though I must cross off one item before moving on to the next – and sometimes that is not realistic.  Laundry takes all day but I can do other things while it’s going on.  Dinner is often a multi-step, multi-interrupted process.  It would be nice to be comfortable skipping around a list willy nilly, not caring if I went in order, but I have to work with what I’ve got and what I’ve got is a little bit nutty.

In the above list, I thought about what HAD to get done.

  • Eating and schooling are things we have to do everyday, and some would argue that those routine items shouldn’t even warrant a writing down.  But these things take actual time, and for me that means they must be counted.  They are also the highest priority so they went on the list first.
  • Then setting up school so the next day wouldn’t be chaotic
  • Then exercise because you can’t do today’s workout tomorrow
  • Then I filled in the rest with various cleaning jobs.

Comparing this list to the detailed craziness of something like Motivated Moms, I feel like a slacker, but trust me friends, when taken together with the million interruptions and little things that come across my path that must be done RIGHT NOW, this is a full day.

So, what do you do to make your work more interesting?  Got any new organizational systems for me to try out?





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