Sincerest Form of Flattery

Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess, a talented blogger and author who writes mostly about her experiences with mental illness (in a really funny way), recently posted some so-called “doodles” and now we find she can make cool pictures too.  I don’t have the skills to do what she does, but her style inspired me to try a couple of things.



This is a seriously fun thing to do with just a pen and paper.  It actually turned into a kind of frenzy that lasted a couple or three days.

Here’s a question:  do mermaids have bellybuttons, or do they lay eggs?  I vote for bellybuttons because they’re  sexier than glutenous globs of fish eggs,


You can see where I tried something in the upper right hand corner that didn’t quite work out.



5 thoughts on “Sincerest Form of Flattery

      • anitvan says:

        Over the years I’ve collected and framed some of my favourite pieces of artwork that the kids did. I had a floral watercolour that Brent did hanging in the dining room and a poster sized drawing that Aly did in grade one depicting what she thought heaven would look like. It was done in vibrant, primary coloured pastels (the medium, I mean). Something about the brightness of the colours made it seem so alive. It hangs in her daughter’s bedroom now ☺

      • Sara McDaren says:

        Yeah, I love homemade art. It’s what we hang on our walls too -my MILs watercolors and acrylics mostly. And also some framed things the kids have done. It’s amazing what a nice mat or mount can do.

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